19 June 2021


White Night


מוסיקה אקוסטית ואלקטרו-אקוסטית מאת

יורג פריי, מגי פיין, אמנון וולמן, איתן שטיינברג, שירה לגמן ואנת'וני קולמן

24 April 2021

Hansen House

Aqua Alta Live


Three adapted for live works by: Shaul Kohn, Orr Sinay and Dani Williamson, Adaya Godlevsky, Uri Levinson and Rhodri Davies

03 November 2020


Amplified Silence


At the center of 'Amplified Silence', stands an Electro-acoustic installation. Six well-known musicians from the experimental scene in Israel will present original solo works, along with a new ensemble piece, all in a dialogue with the sound installation.

16 June 2021

Ajamei Beach

Sound Morphologies


sound morphologies is an environmental listening walks project, combining art and science. It is a close encounter with our near-by surroundings through a geological perspective, listening and field recording practices.

10 April 2021


Aqua Alta


Three video and sound works: a new interpretation of the work by Rhodri Davies performed by Adaya Godlevsky and Uri Levinson, a work for choir by Shaul Kohn and an interactive video and sound work by Orr Sinay and Dani Williamson.

08 October 2020


Mar Chaim: The Fish is the Head of the Bird


An audio-visual poem that combines elements of sound, video and performance. The work is based on the work and circumstances of the life of the composer Yossi Mr. Haim, his artist partner Michal Ne'eman and their son Yonatan.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Versailles - Contemporary Music for Historical Instruments


Three contemporary works for historical instruments by Jürg Frey and Linda Catlin Smith, alongside short Interludes from the Baroque period by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre, Le Sieur de Machy and Georg Fillip Teleman, as a tribute to the golden age of these instruments.

22 December 2020


Hag Hamusika


עדי שניר: "הערפל שחג מעל התחלותיו" לחצרופון ואלקטרוניקה חיה
סיון אלדר: "ארבעת היסודות" לרביעיה
אמנון וולמן: "אין כניסה למשאיות" לחמישיה,אלקטרוניקה חיה, ווידאו.