Ensemble Musica Nova


Ensemble Musica Nova is a collective of musicians, composers and artists, collaboratively exploring the vast terrain of experimental music and contemporary sound. The members of the ensemble are working together to expand the borders of the medium and enrich the dialogue between music and the fields of arts, technology and science. In addition to our commitment to the performance of contemporary Israeli music, the ensemble presents to its audience selected repertoire of contemporary and historical music from the avant-garde and experimental tradition. 

Since its inception in 1986, the ensemble premiered over 200 pieces by Israeli composers and collaborated with international composers, artists and ensembles such as the Mivos String Quartet, Ensemble HandWerk, composers Jennifer Walshe, Michael Pisaro, David Grubbs, Morton Subotnick, Joan La-Barbara, Annea Lockwood, Steven Takasugi, Ulrich Krieger , Frantz Loriot and many others. The ensemble regularly performs in the most distinguished new music festivals in Israel, including Tzlil Meudcan, Techtonics, Musrara Mix, HaTeiva Festival, Cont-Comp and Israel Music Festival.  
In addition to its musical activity, the ensemble is actively advancing educational project via workshops, lectures and publications of scores and articles in collaborations with artistic and academic institutes in Israel and abroad. 

The ensemble is co-directed by:
    Shira Legman
    Yoni Niv
    Tom Soloveitzik
    Maayan Tsadka

Other musicians and artists involved in the ensemble include: Amnon Wolman, Saul Kohan, Orr Sinai, Haggai Ferstman, Lars Sergal, Chanan Ben-Simon, Assaf Shatil, Dani Williamson, Uri Noam, Nitai Levi and Aviahi Mizrahi

Administration: Shim Gil

Board of Trustees: Prof. Amnon Wolman, Avigail Arenhaim, Yossi Schifman, Dina Zohar, Avi Kedem. 
Musica Nova is supported by The Israeli Ministry of Culture and the City of Tel-Aviv