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Looking at the Sea, Longing

29 February 2020


Musica Nova is delighted to host composer Kiki Kern-Huss, who will stage her new chamber opera "Looking at the sea, longing". Kiki Keren-Huss is an exceptional composer in the local Israeli scene, one of her kind, with a personal, transparent and original style.
Writes Kiki:
“I started this opera after being away for a long time, living in faraway places and longing for others.
In one of those faraway places I met Sharon – Sharon Katz the video artist and animator and her Zebra Ship and together we started the journey.
That’s how it all started.
There are five figures moving on stage and a big projection of the sea. The sea awakens dormant longings in all of them. Longing for faraway places, for the distances, for places they cannot reach.
They are very much alone, moving in separate orbs, occasionally crossing each other’s way but only for a few minutes.
They want to go away but stay where they are. giving away a strong sense of loneliness”.
Video and animation - Sharon Katz (Canada)
Dramaturgy - Nava Frenkel
Lighting design - Noa Elran
Amit Fishbein, alto | A woman in front of the sea
Joseph Sprintzak, actor, sound-text artist | A traveler
Dan Weinstein, Cello
Tom Soloveitzik, Saxophone
Amir Boltzman, Accordion

Kiki Keren-Huss
Composer and sound artist, lives in Jerusalem, Israel.
Kiki Keren-Huss works with electronic and electroacoustic music using sound as a way to draw and create an inner environment out of everyday sounds, voices, texts etc. She has a long standing interest in music-theater and opera creating stage works working often in collaboration with visual artists and choreographers.

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