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Mar Chaim: The Fish is the Head of the Bird

08 October 2020


An audio-visual poem that combines elements of sound, video and performance. The work is based on the work and circumstances of the life of the composer Yossi Mr. Haim, his artist partner Michal Ne'eman and their son Yonatan.
[Sound, video, image projection, LED board, performance. 13 minutes, loop]
The show and the gallery talk will be broadcast live this coming Thursday, October 8, live on our Facebook page:
18:00 - Performance
19:00 - Gallery talk with Yossi Mar-Haim, Dalit Matityahu, Michal Ne'eman, Uri Noam, Yoni Niv

The couple's work spans more than five decades, and is rooted in the local avant-garde culture. In the work Mr. Haim: The Fish is a Bird's Head serves the couple's private archive and artistic creation as a site of artistic cannibalism, challenging the boundaries of language and good taste. In the mouth of the mucus drinker were compressed and dismantled into syllables parts (bodies) of the work: rabbit and duck, wolf and penguin, and one Jonathan - "Capricorn in his mother's milk".
Author: Yoni Niv Co-creator: Uri Noam
Performed by the Nova Music Ensemble
Participants: Abigail Arnheim, Or Ashkenazi, Yossi Mr. Haim, Tom Solovitsik, Yoel Peled, Hagai Freshman
Sound design: Eyal Bitton Video editing: Danny Williamson Video photography: Assaf Saban

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