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Amplified Silence

03 November 2020


electro-acoustic performances for musicians and a sound installation in a water tower.

Conception, curation & production: Shira Legmann, Yiftah Kadan
Sound installation: Yiftah Kadan
A Peninsula with the face to the Ocean -
Composition by Shira Legmann

Harel Gal | Ram Gabay | Shira Legmann | Tom Soloveitzik | Yiftah Kadan | Nitai Levi | Nadav Masel

Premiered on facebook live:
At the center of 'Amplified Silence', stands an Electro-acoustic installation. Six well-known musicians from the experimental scene in Israel will present original solo works, along with a new ensemble piece, all in a dialogue with the sound installation.
Playing from inside the water tower, the musicians aim to create a circular dialogue with the feedback of their playing and the space using personal improvisation disciplines.
The sound installation is an unconventional amplification system, designed to emphasize standing frequencies - to amplify the space into itself and create a dynamic and musical feedback system. The uniqueness of the installation stems from the narrow and tall tower interior, in which an array of speakers and microphones are spread out in a jumble - contrary to the norm, in which the separation between them is important precisely in order to avoid the feedback phenomenon.

A peninsula with the face to the ocean, (2020) Premiere.
by Shira Legmann.
a new composition for Clarinet, Saxophone, vibraphone, Double bass and Piano recordings.

Sound technician and recording: Lars Sergel
Mix: Yiftah Kadan
Camera: Asaf Saban & Dani Willimason
Graphic Desig: Avihai Mizrahi

*This project is supported by the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts
in Collaboration with Musica Nova

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